Be a slapup chef.

Know how to bake? Become a slapup home chef. Are you a home chef with a few highly-requested
goods in your repertoire? We’d like to hear from you if you know your way around a pie tin, you can
knead bread like there’s no tomorrow, your cakes are the best in town, or your coworkers beg you
to make oatmeal cookies again. You can whip up a little side-income right in your kitchen
by baking your best creations for interested neighbors and community members.

As a slapup chef selling your goods, you do need to comply with a few regulations. But we're on board to help you learn understand what the regulations are, and what requirements you need to meet -- like complying with state cottage food laws, getting a food handlers' permit, meeting cleaning and safety guidelines, and getting a visit from a state inspector. We'll also make a home visit, do a quick taste test, and give you a congratulatory handshake welcoming you to the slapup family.

We’ll reach out to chat details and logistics—
just submit your info to get started.

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