The slapup story

How slapup came about—and why it’s so exciting. Every year, we’d beg grandma to double or triple her
holiday batch of her pecan rolls—then stash them in the freezer for special occasions.

Then we realized that great homemade food is its own special occasion. In fact, many of us crave
the extraordinary, from-scratch recipes our friends, families, colleagues, and neighbors make.
And many of us are busy but can’t stand the thought of a pre-made frozen dessert,
store-bought cake, or rolls stuffed with preservatives.

That’s how slapup was born. It’s a way to put home chefs
and home eaters together in a delicious cycle of mutual appreciation.

If you’re a home chef who geeks out on cookbooks, catalogues Pinterest ideas, binge-watches cooking shows,
or insists on from-scratch everything, you just might be a great slapup chef. And if you’re like the rest of us,
well, bon appétit. Because we can all be slapup eaters. Cheers to tasty, healthy food
made locally for people who appreciate it.